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Since we'll be working together on your LinkedIn profile, I wanted to give you an opportunity to book a session with me for 50% OFF to support you in the next step of your career.
This is the only time you'll ever see this rate again.

We can use our time together for any of the following:

If you're like the majority of my tech clients, you won't be able to put your finger on your expertise until someone else - an experienced peer or a coach - shines a light on your skills and experience that you've been taking for granted.  And then you'll say "Wow, I didn't realize I had expertise in this area.  It totally makes sense now." It's like pulling rabbits out of a hat and it's one of my favorite things to do for my clients. I look forward to having some rabbits pulled out of your expertise hat during our session.

Sometimes, when you've done many things in your career, you have several different options in front of you. These could be different industries, functions or locations. Choosing one is high consequence and you need support in thinking through the pros and cons. I will help you identify which opportunities you will open doors for you in the future and which ones will close doors, so you make the best decision.

I've helped 110+ mid-career and executive clients in tech negotiate offers and promotions for a combined total of $1.55 million in additional compensation. I will help you strategize and role-play the best approach with the relevant decision-makers.

PLEASE NOTE: You'll receive a link to book the session via email.

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