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Don't stop at optimizing your LinkedIn Profile. Magnify your network and the number and quality of incoming opportunities when you implement the Strategic Networking approach and templates in this guidebook.

The Strategic Networking Guide Comes With:

I guide you through the process of cold outreach and asking for introductions on LinkedIn using the same approach I have personally tested and vetted and my clients have implemented with great results. Asking for introductions or calls on LinkedIn will never be awkward again.

I give you a collection of comprehensive templates for direct messages on LinkedIn for every situation and use case. I give you the wording to use, as well as examples for everything from reconnecting with an old colleague you've lost touch with, to following up with an introduction, to asking a new contact to get on a Zoom call (in a way that actually makes them excited to accept your invite instead of giving you the usual cold shoulder), and more.

Use the provided templates in Trello or recreate them in your project management system of choice. Uses a conveniently organized board view, so you can keep track of all the contacts you're building and never drop the ball on a thread or introduction.

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