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This challenge kicked off on Sept. 26, 2023. Please contact lisa@careerclimb.co to inquire about joining the challenge late.

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Here's what you get in the

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Course

A system designed to turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet for the right career opportunities on LinkedIn

A 10 step / 4 part system with detailed instructions to help you figure out and codify your areas of expertise, pick your target job type and rewrite and target your Profile to the RIGHT keywords that Recruiters actually search for on LinkedIn. So you can get discovered by Recruiters and stop the pain of application rejection. You have access to the course materials forever.

Each course module comes with recordings of Lisa live-teaching each of the four course modules. You'll also have access to 3 past Q&A and bonus call recordings. In addition, you will get access to 4 weekly live Q&A calls once you access the course materials. You'll be able to get live help and support from Lisa on these calls and will have access to these call recordings during the course.

You will receive access to at least 6 proprietary and large ChatGPT prompts, constructed by a data scientist and Lisa through multiple iterations. They are designed to work together to identify and extract the RIGHT keywords for your expertise that recruiters search for. Working with prepared prompts in ChatGPT directly will also make you into a great prompt engineer - a highly sought-after skill in today's market.
NOTE: By enrolling in this course, you're under an NDA to not share any of these proprietary prompts.

It's easy to fall off the wagon, overthink and doubt yourself when you're working alone. During the course, you'll have access to a proprietary membership site (we use Mighty Networks), where you can meet and support other experienced professionals in identifying expertise, picking a target focus and encouraging each other on the journey. Lisa and the group will be reviewing your submitted homework assignments, so you'll get plenty of personalized feedback to course-correct you along the way.

There are lots of best practices when it comes to optimizing your Headline, About Section and Work Experience Sections on LinkedIn. We've assembled the best of the best into an easy-to-use template pack, so when you're done extracting your keywords in the course, you can confidently create a strong draft of your Profile without the anxiety.

You will also get step-by-step ChatGPT Prompts to personalize your resume to any job description in case you ever want to apply to a job, so that you don't have to pay for AI resume personalization tools ever again.


For every course participant who submits the output from Step 9 and the draft of their new Profile from Step 10 by the end of the 5th week after unlocking the course

About Your Host and System Creator

Hi, I'm Lisa Kostova

I spent most of my tech career as a VP of Product and a senior Product executive working in the recruiting space. The recruiting teams at the major tech companies have all used a product I've built or worked on. LinkedIn even integrated one of my products, the skill-based Bright Score, into its algorithm for matching jobs and profiles in 2014.

I left my full-time tech job in 2018 to become a mountain climber. I've climbed a number of awesome mountains in New Zealand, Alaska, Canada, and the US, including the highest mountain in North America - Denali.

In 2020, I started CareerClimb® Co with the mission to guide mid-career tech professionals to the tops of their career mountains. I'm grateful to have worked with 110+ mid-career and executive clients - all women in Product-related roles at the time - to help them secure $1.25 million in promotions and compensation increases. That community is still very tight today.

This year, as the market softened, I found myself called to respond to a growing need in my community - helping people get visibility for their expertise on LinkedIn. I'm reconnecting with my obsession with matching humans to job opportunities. This course is the culmination of 4 months of intensive beta testing of different AI approaches to help people stand out in today's competitive market. I can't wait to do the same for you!

I've been featured as a thought leader in the Harvard Business Review for my collaboration with the late Prof. Christensen (of "The Innovator's Dilemma" fame), in the book "Cracking the PM Interview" and on various stages as a speaker and workshop leader. My first podcast, The Female Tech Exec, has 130 episodes and tens of thousands of downloads.

I'm a self-proclaimed cultural mutt, speak five languages, and have lived in six countries. I love climbing, hiking, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, and yoga, and I'm currently based in the Pacific Northwest.

Did you ever wonder...

Why is it so hard to get a job when you have killer experience?

The biggest reason is that the job market is broken.

And that’s why I put this course together – to help you navigate a system that was NOT designed to match you and your unique skills to the best career opportunities. 

The reason lies in the different incentives inside a two-sided talent marketplace.  

On one hand, LinkedIn is a giant search engine for recruiters.  Their billion-dollar LinkedIn Recruiter product depends on giving the recruiters the ability to search millions of candidates on ultra-specific keywords (like “martech architecture” or “IOT healthcare devices”). Like with any search product, the quality depends on the relevance of search results.

On the other hand, LinkedIn wants to provide job postings to its members and be the biggest job board in the world.  That means they need to drive the number of applicants to jobs and show the largest number of jobs to people. 

To accomplish this goal, LinkedIn prompts people to use general keywords to search and apply for jobs, so they apply to as many as possible.  Examples of generic keywords are “business analysis” or “engineering” – skills suggested to me by LinkedIn when I typed in “Director of Product Management”


Are you seeing the problem? 

You  and the recruiters are missing each other like ships at night.

Therefore, if you keep using general keywords in your LinkedIn profile in the hopes of attracting recruiters, that won’t work in this market.  General skill jobs have plenty of applicants – so many that no human ever reads them all – and don’t have recruiters searching for these on LinkedIn Recruiter.

However, there are still a large number of recruiters searching to fill specialized skill jobs on LinkedIn Recruiter.  

And you have to figure out what those are in order to appear in the right search results for those opportunities. 

That’s what we’ll do in the course together. 

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Course Preview
The course builds step by step and is easy to follow along.
1. Get Clear On Which Role You Should Target
You'll follow an established process that will guide you to inventory your experience and get clear on which possible target roles you'll be a strong candidate for, even if you don't know what they are today. You'll derive 2-5 possible target roles for your next step.
2. Get the Secret Sauce for Optimizing Your Profile and Attracting Recruiters
Here you'll be coached on testing market supply for the different target roles you may choose. You'll pick your top choice after we've seen evidence that there are sufficient jobs posted for that role and you'll learn how to curate 3-5 high-quality job descriptions for that role. You'll submit these to Lisa and the team - they'll serve as the source of truth for extracting the exact language and keywords to optimize your LinkedIn profile with.
3. Submit Your Input to Lisa
In this part, Lisa and her team will take over drafting your LinkedIn profile after you've submitted your curated job descriptions and an intake form. Simple. Easy. Done.
4. Receive Your Personalized Optimized LinkedIn Profile and Start Attracting Opportunities
Once Lisa sends you your optimized LinkedIn profile draft, you'll have the chance to review it with her. In addition, she'll provide you with a list of skills missing from your old profile, which you can then use to build a plan to close any relevant skill gaps from what your target job opportunities require.
BONUS: Templates For Your LinkedIn Profile Sections
I've assembled all the current market guidance on how to write your different LinkedIn profile sections for an easy recruiter scan into easy-to-use templates.
COMING SOON: A Resume Customization Process for Job Applications
I don't recommend applications in a soft market, but if you absolutely must, I'll show you how to repurpose the ChatGPT prompts from the course into a sequence for customizing your resume to each job you apply to. So you never have to pay for AI resume customization tools ever again.

Lisa's Coaching Clients Work At:

Your struggles and battles in today’s market are not unique. Breathe a sigh of relief for you’re not alone on this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can absolutely DIY it. However, there are 2 gotchas you should be aware of, otherwise you risk doing more damage than good to your profile. 

To tailor your profile to specific keywords, you’ll need at least one job description and ChatGPT to extract those.  Then you’ll need to update your profile to the specific keywords in that job description, instead of the generic skill ones, if you want recruiters to find you.  I’ve seen thousands of job descriptions in my work on AI products for recruiting teams at tech companies and at least 50-60% of them are poorly written.  So you’ll need a process of selecting and curating at least 3 high-quality job descriptions to find the keywords savvy recruiters will be searching for. I’ll teach you that process inside the course. 

The second thing you’ll need is absolute clarity on what your expertise is that you want to tailor your LinkedIn profile around. If you have over 8 years of work experience, you likely have many things you can specialize in.  The longer you stay in the job market, the more likely you’re to doubt yourself, wondering if you qualify for all the requirements of specialist jobs.  If you’re like the majority of my tech clients, you won’t be able to put your finger on your expertise until someone else – an experienced peer or a coach – shines a light on your skills and experience that you’ve been taking for granted.  And then you’ll say “Wow, I didn’t realize I had expertise in this area.  It totally makes sense now.” 

It’s like pulling rabbits out of a hat and it’s one of my favorite things to do for my clients. I look forward to having some rabbits pulled out of your expertise hat by me or another course participant as part of the course.  

That’s the illusion that keeps people from being found by recruiters looking for them today.  By customizing your LinkedIn profile to include certain specialized skills, you are NOT making yourself less discoverable for the general jobs you can perform.  But you’re making yourself MORE discoverable for the roles that wouldn’t have found you otherwise. In addition, in the course you will learn a process by which we will test market demand for a few specialist set of keywords that you can implement.  We want to make sure you’re picking the keyword set that has the most job opportunities available at the moment.   

You may have seen the skill suggestion feature in LinkedIn.  However, as you can see in the screenshot higher up on this page, these skills are too broad. They’re not the specific skill keywords that a recruiter searches for on LinkedIn Recruiter.  And the reason for that is simple. These LinkedIn recommended skills are title-based.  They prompted me to type in a title and they generated a bunch of general skill words for it. Some were frankly off point – “engineering” is not a necessary skill for “Director of Product Management”.  But even if they were accurate, no recruiter will ever search for “software development” in LinkedIn Recruiter. There’ll be simply way too many candidates to sort through.  

Remember, LinkedIn is optimizing for number of job postings you see because most people still think that applying to jobs is the only way to get hired. So they think LinkedIn is doing a good job if it shows them more jobs to apply to.   If you’re reading this, you know better.  Inside the course you will learn how to figure out the specific keywords that recruiters use to search for someone like you. 

You need to be mindful of market cycles. The right opportunity to stretch into a new role, function, industry, vertical or company stage is when the market is HOT.  When companies are so desperate for talent that they are willing to take risks with people who are making a big jump in a new direction.

But a SOFT market is like winter season. Companies are much less likely to take risks on career switchers and they are much more specific about what you need to bring to the table.  It’s time to hunker down and leverage your existing skills and experiences that will feed you and your family.  It’s time to understand what makes you a specialist and an expert and craft the right marketing signal to recruiters that showcases your expertise to those who want it.  

This strategy may not work well for you in you have only a few years of experience because we may not find enough specialized keywords for you to make you stand out for specialized jobs.  However, I’ll let you be the judge of how much specialized experience you have.  I definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND this course for anyone with less than 3 years of experience.  

I’ve tested nearly all the AI Personalization tools for LinkedIn profiles on the market and all of them provide simple rules-based recommendations.  These best-practice “optimizations” range from “put the title in the headline” and “don’t use fluff words like thought leader” to “hide your graduation year if you graduated more than 20 years ago”.  Now, I don’t think you should be paying $50 or more for basic advice like this. That’s why I’ve conveniently packaged all these best practices into the bonus pack that you get in the course.  

It’s also important to know that none of the existing AI tools for LinkedIn Profile offer job customization because nobody has ever figured out a way to optimize your LinkedIn profile to a set of job description keywords, instead of an individual job description. In this respect, there is nothing like the system taught in this course on the market. 

I have built resume and job matching products and algorithms across all professional functions – Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, Operations, Finance, CS, Business Development and many more. In addition, this course does not rely on my knowledge of your field. It relies on your knowledge of the field and on the job descriptions written by others for your specialty. 

However, if you are in tech, you will get the added benefit of me knowing that field and the skill keywords in it like the back of my hand through my own professional experience as a Product executive and through my hands-on coaching of 110+ tech professionals. 

There are two developments you should be aware of if you’re relying only on job applications and on customizing your resume for each job:

1. Job postings on LinkedIn are being spammed with 500+ applications.  A large % of those applications are stretching the truth with “resume customization”.  So, companies do what any sane person would do – ignore the whole thing and focus on channels that have a higher signal-to-noise ratio like referrals and searches on LinkedIn Recruiter for qualified candidates (regardless of whether they applied or not).  So, applying to every job under the sun, even to the ones that are a “stretch”, is a waste of your precious time.  

2. Resume customization is going away in 2024. LinkedIn is quietly moving towards a single resume that is shared across all jobs and recruiters.  A few weeks ago, LinkedIn’s CEO announced a rollout of a number of products and features. Buried in the small print was an announcement about Resume search in LinkedIn Recruiter.  Inside, you can read that LinkedIn already makes any resume you upload as part of a job application available to recruiters on other jobs in the same company.  Going forward, they’ll be rolling out the ability of any recruiter to see the resume you’ve uploaded if you give that permission. A skilled Product team (and LinkedIn has plenty of those) will make the permission fly under your radar or seem like a no-brainer when it’s rolled out.

So, do you see where the wind is blowing? Soon you will need to think carefully about what you will want your single resume and LinkedIn profile to look like for everyone. 

The course’s success depends heavily on your going through the process, learning and implementing the results of your labor into your profile. And I cannot guarantee that you’ll do the work. Nothing will change if you just watch the course but don’t implement.  This course is for serious professionals only, not for lookie loos. 

The course is open for registration.  As we get more results and testimonials, the price will go up.  So, are you willing to waste a few more precious months with an unoptimized LinkedIn profile and then pay more money to have it done later?  

Get Your AI-Optimized LinkedIn Profile and Get Discovered by Recruiters TODAY
LIMITED-TIME rate (BeforE Nov 27, 2023)
LIMITED-TIME rate (BeforE Nov 27, 2023)
Here's what people say about working with Lisa in their careers
Danielle Zimmerman testimonial
Lisa's Method Landed Me A Job Without Applying
I am starting a new Product role only a few weeks after I made the changes to my LinkedIn Profile recommended by Lisa. I'm very excited about the job! The recruiter found me after I had changed my LinkedIn Headline, About Section and added the skill keywords Lisa recommended. The job had hundreds of applications on LinkedIn but I didn't have to apply!

I couldn't have done it without Lisa. Seriously. Working with Lisa on my LinkedIn is more than just a resource. The way she has structured the process, it demystifies what to so many people feels like a black box - finding a job in this market.

I have no doubt that this course is totally worth it! It's great to have somebody who knows what they're doing, and who will also check up on you and make sure you did what's required.
- Danielle Zimmerman
Aditi Desai testimonial
Innovative Approach To Your Optimal Role
Lisa is genuinely passionate about helping her clients realize their potential by leaning into their strengths. At the same time, she will challenge you to push yourself and dare to reach for your dream job/role. Lisa's approach to finding your optimal next role is innovative and makes a lot of sense, combining a top-down and bottoms-up approach. She is hands on and helped me work on my vision and goals.

Through her deep dives she was able to steer me towards certain roles and away from others, which is just as important to avoid unproductive detours on my career journey.
- Aditi Desai
Evelyn Chou testimonial
First Person I Turn To For Career Direction
I have been working with Lisa since 2020 to enhance my professional growth and advance my career. What I appreciate most about Lisa is her consistent awareness of the industry, from market updates to salary negotiations.

Lisa also possesses an extensive network of executive recruiters and product leaders, whom she regularly connects me with.

Whenever I need a second opinion on career options or job searches, Lisa is the first person I turn to.
- Evelyn Chou
Strategic Approach to My Career
Lisa's program really helped me crystallize a holistic strategic approach to driving the next phase of my career. It’s one thing to know where you want to go and a completely different animal to know what steps to take to get there. She created the right amount of “friction” to agitate my thinking and get beneath the easy answers to map out a path.

Additionally, when career challenges inevitably occur again, I can apply what I now know to never become stuck again.
- Jeanine Sipp
Beth Cannon testimonial
Lisa's Insights and In-Depth Research Lead to Focused Thinking
Working with Lisa, I find myself pushed to think bigger and in a more focused way as I contemplate my future chapters. I joined one of the career coaching programs Lisa used to run and then decided to continue to work with Lisa based on the value I had received. I will continue to work with Lisa as a trusted advisor, friend and amazing network builder.

Lisa's insights on the career of PM and in-depth research around what's happening at a macro and micro level brings a ton of value add and insights to my understanding of the opportunity space.
Lisa has the ability to see things that I had not previously seen or thought about. And I appreciate that new perspective!
- Beth Cannon
Defining My True North
Lisa was instrumental in helping drive clarity around my aspirational values and defining my “true north” of where I wanted to be, and more importantly, whom I wanted to be.

It gave me the confidence to carve out a path that aligned with my personal vision, and then provided me with the network and support of peers, professionals and frameworks that paved that path so that I could boldly follow that vision. Most recently, I have been working with Lisa to enhance my LinkedIn profile and skills data. Through these 1:1 sessions, Lisa has provided me with unique perspectives on my work experience and skill set that will allow me to successfully position myself within more targeted companies and roles.
- Deepa Chand
The only one thing that separates achievers from non-achievers is that they take action and enlist the help of others. The only way to fail is to never try.
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